A few of our most proud accomplishments include...

our reputation and service as the nation's leading consulting firm for colleges of pharmacy and pharmacy associations.

developing the strategic plan for the entire state of Missouri, including 16 state agencies.

conducting 30+ National Health Summits.

The Bernard Consulting Group, based in Kansas City, specializes in strategic and business planning, consensus-building, conflict resolution, organizational assessment, and activities related to board and organizational development. For two decades we have worked with clients ranging from giants like Disney to small inner-city, not-for-profit agencies. We’re recognized across the country not only for our process expertise, but for producing positive results that continue to demonstrate value long after our involvement ends.

Longevity of our client relationships...

We are the leading firm nationally for colleges of pharmacy and pharmacy associations/organizations. Large and small pharmacy schools are in our portfolio, including 50% of the top 25 Schools of Pharmacy and virtually all of the major pharmacy associations and organizations. We have a 13 year ongoing relationship with the University of North Carolina, 20 years with the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, a 10 year relationship with the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists, and 11 years with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.