One of the things that makes us unique is our facilitation/documentation process where participants can see the work being created in real time on a large screen, which maximizes participation and increases buy-in. You'll also see us bring in experts and resources that fit your project and needs. We are not one size fits all, but rather we fit all sizes.

Strategic Business Planning

A plan isn’t just a document. It may be documented, but its true value lies in its implementation. Agreed goals are important, but workable strategies for getting there are essential. Our main job is making sure the plan’s value continues to unfold long after we’ve gone.

Organizational and Board Development

It’s hard to answer questions about the relative efficiency of any organization’s structure, and the potential impact of change. It’s even harder for people inside the organization to answer such questions by themselves. That’s where BCG comes in.

Whether at the board level or the operational level, we create an environment for discussion, bring independent assessments to the table, and help you explore wide-ranging options as they apply to your environment. We often find that there’s less need for restructuring than there is for clarification: defining roles and responsibilities, and relating them to a common goal.

Consensus Building

It’s hard to move forward as a group without agreeing on which direction you want to go. Finding areas of accord among diverse views can lead to more progress than might be envisioned from any single point of view.

Adaptive Facilitation

In plain talk, adaptive facilitation amounts to sitting down with you and helping you work through your challenges. It could mean brainstorming or teambuilding, or sometimes just finding a reasonable approach in a situation where emotions run high.

In large groups or small, a neutral moderator can be invaluable.

Conflict Resolution

Opposing views often harden into animosity when they could, in fact, lead to common ground and a path forward. There are ways to look positively at almost any conflicting perspectives. We have a demonstrated process for making that happen, even in the most difficult situations.

The nature of this work dictates that we keep client identities confidential.

Market Research

We’re in the results business. When we do any kind of research, it’s with a goal in mind and a commitment to getting the answers we need as quickly and objectively as possible.

BCG conducts, supervises and analyzes both quantitative and qualitative studies, employing available data where possible to minimize costs.

Executive Search

We conduct executive searches, but we are not a traditional executive search firm. Whether we assist you in your efforts or manage the complete process, there’s never a percentage fee. In fact, total cost can be 30-50% less than traditional search firms. Nor do we have a file of “candidates” ready to wedge into your search criteria. We start with your needs and develop an appropriate search process, charging on an hourly or project basis as-agreed.